Child custody orders are typically set based on the parent’s and child’s current situations. However, as life goes on, those situations usually change and create the need for modifications. While there are numerous reasons why a child custody lawyer will suggest modifying the court order, we’ve discussed three of the most common reasons.

Refusing To Co-Parent

Parents are almost always encouraged to share the duties of raising their children, even after separating. But sometimes the divorce was too messy and feelings were hurt too badly, so it doesn’t happen. The parent who primarily makes the decisions for the child might refuse to discuss those decisions with the other parent. If this occurs, a custody attorney will bring the issues up to the court so various rights can be reallocated. And for the parent who refuses to co-parent, the custody attorney could request that the parent has limited access to the child.

Parental Alienation

Many times one parent will intentionally exclude a child from the other parent. It might start as one small issue at first, but then it could escalate to the point where you don’t know what is going on in the child’s life. This is one of the most difficult challenges for a child custody lawyer. Many times the matter will go to litigation, so having the right custody attorney on your side to fight on your behalf is essential.

Geographic Restrictions

In most court orders, geographic restrictions are put in place where the parent with custody over a child can only reside in certain areas. This restriction can be expanded if a parent gets a new job in a city outside of the restricted area. In other cases, geographic restrictions might be much larger at first, but can be modified later if it is proven that the range was too far and created a burden on the other parent and the child.

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